Exhibitor Manual

ICNMD 2018 Required Items

High-res logo & organization write-up YES May 7, 2018
Booth plan approval For custom-built exhibits May 7, 2018
Book hotel rooms at negotiated rates
Book hotel rooms for groups of 10 or more
YES June 4, 2018
Exhibit staff registrations
Use your dedicated registration link
YES June 6, 2018
Submit Certificate of Insurance YES June 6, 2018
Submit Entertainment Request If needed June 6, 2018
Submit Giveaway Request If needed June 6, 2018
Ship items to Advance Warehouse Recommended May 22 – June 29, 2018 *

* July 2 for courier shipments – See “Order with IML” below for pricing & forms


Ordering Other Items

Order with Föhr
* Additional Booth Furniture
June 22, 2018
Order with BERNHARD AV
* AV Equipment
June 19, 2018
Order with Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel
* Additional Electrical Power
* Telecommunication & Internet
* In-Booth Catering
* Booth Security
June 15, 2018
Order with IML
* Pricing sheet
* Order Form Advanced Warehouse
* Proforma Invoice & Packing List
* Mailing Label
June 29, 2018
(July 2 – courier shipments)
Order with LeadU
* Lead Retrieval System
June 4, 2018
(late fee after that)


Important Information

Standard Exhibit Space Package (click to expand)

Each regular (9 m2) exhibit space includes the following:

  • Shell scheme package, unless not needed (please advise)
    • 2.50m-high back & side walls
    • 230 V electricity connection
    • 2 spotlights
  • Floor space as assigned, carpeted
  • Panel with organization name and booth # sign
  • Table (1.40w x 0.7d x 0.72h), incl. grey drape & white tablecloth
  • Chairs (2)
  • Wastebasket

Exhibit space does not include: additional furniture, internet connection, labour, shipping or any other services. These items should be ordered through the forms referenced above, under "Ordering Other Items".

Note: Tabletops for non-profit organizations include only 1 table and 2 chairs (no Shell scheme walls). Their footprint is approx. 6 m2.

Exhibition Schedule / Move-in / Move-out (click to expand)

Date & Location

Conference Dates Friday, July 6 – Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Exhibition Dates Friday, July 6 – Tuesday, July 10, 2018
City Vienna, Austria
Venue Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel, Am Stadtpark 1
Exhibit Halls Mezzanine Level, Strauss/Bruckner & Klimt 2+3


Exhibitor Move-in * Thursday, July 5, 2018
Friday, July 6, 2018
12:00 – 20:00
8:00 – 18:00
Exhibition Hours ** Friday, July 6, 2018
Saturday, July 7, 2018
Sunday, July 8, 2018
Monday, July 9, 2018
Tuesday, July 10, 2018
19:00 – 21:00 (Welcome Reception)
10:00 – 16:00 & 17:00 – 18:30
10:00 – 16:00 & 17:00 – 18:30
10:00 – 16:00 & 17:00 – 18:30
10:00 – 16:00
Exhibitor Move-Out Tuesday, July 10, 2018 16:00 – 18:30 quiet only ***
18:30 – 24:00 regular move-out

* Thursday earlier move-in will be available for 36-m2 booths. Contact us for information. Aisles are to be kept clear at all times during move-in.

** All exhibits are required to be staffed during the Welcome Reception and Exhibition Hours – no exceptions.

*** Please note that due to ongoing afternoon sessions, only carry-out will be allowed on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 from 16:00 to 18:30, but no construction dismantle. Regular move-out will commence after Closing Ceremony at 18:30. Empty crates may only be returned to the Exhibit Halls at that time.

Floorplan (click to expand)

The Floorplan is a “working draft” and changes may be made up until one (1) week prior to the event. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained on the Floorplan. However, no warranties, either expressed or implied are made with respect to the Floorplan. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to verify all dimensions and locations. This includes the location of building columns, utilities or other architectural components of the facility.

For an up-to-date Exhibit Floorplan, please click here.

Registration and Housing (click to expand)

Each exhibiting organization receives two (2) complimentary exhibit staff registrations for every exhibit space purchased in the event + up to four (4) additional exhibit staff registrations for EUR 300 (+ 20% VAT) per badge. Each exhibiting organization also receives up to two (2) Congress registrations at the special exhibitor rate of EUR 650 (+ 20% VAT) per badge.

Exhibit staff registrations grant access to the Exhibit Halls only. Congress registrations at the special exhibitor rate grant access to all Congress sessions and the Exhibit Halls. In addition, both types of badges come with the following privileges:

  • Congress Bag (including Onsite Program (if requested) and Congress Handouts)
  • Welcome Reception
  • Networking Breaks

An email with a dedicated registration link will be sent to each exhibitor. Please refer to the email and the link to register. Exhibitors may collect their badges on-site at the Registration Desk after a brief identification check during the exhibition move-in period.

Accommodation can be booked at time of registration.

The Congress Secretariat (International Conference Services Ltd.) is the official housing bureau for ICNMD 2018 and will offer assistance with the coordination of housing requirements for the Congress. We have negotiated special room rates at the Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark. Special rates and added complimentary amenities are only available to delegates who book through the official housing bureau.

Although the ICNMD 2018 Secretariat and the Housing Bureau will do their due diligence and negotiate the lowest possible group rates, we cannot predict future specials hosted by competing hotels. However, we urge all sponsors, exhibitors and delegates to support the Congress and book through the official housing bureau. The success of the Congress and the supporting associations depends on you using the contracted hotels.

ICNMD 2018 and its supporting organizations cannot meet the contracted room obligations if sponsors, exhibitors and delegates book outside the official housing bureau. Rooms that are not filled because of that create an expense for the Congress in form of financial penalties (attrition charges) and place the financial success of the Congress at risk, which increases with each delegate, exhibitor and sponsor not booking through the official Housing Bureau. To book accommodation, please proceed here.

If you have a group of 10 or more that you would like to book accommodation for, please contact us at ICNMD2018-Registration@icsevents.com.

Deadline for booking Accommodation with the Housing Bureau: June 4, 2018.

WARNING: We are aware that illegitimate companies are targeting our exhibitors, calling to ‘offer’ to set you up with accommodation. These companies are often fraudulent. Please note that they are not affiliated with us and that the only way to register & book accommodation will be only through the Congress website, with the dedicated link sent to you.

Shipping - Advanced Warehouse (click to expand)

IML is the official customs broker and freight services supplier for ICNMD 2018. To ensure all shipments arrive on time, the use of the official customs brokers is highly recommended. The ICNMD 2018 Secretariat cannot be responsible for any delayed or lost shipments. Items must be shipped to the Warehouse between May 22 and June 29, 2018 (July 2 for courier shipments).

Unless hand-carried, all booth material must be shipped by exhibitors directly to IML Advanced Warehouse.

Read the "Advance Warehouse Pricing Sheet" document and download the following forms.

Move-in & Construction Limitations (click to expand)

Move-in times must be adhered to and will be enforced. The exhibition hall will be closed during non-Exhibit Hours, during which time no one will have access to the hall. The exhibitor has to complete exhibit construction within the given move-in time frame, which is specified in the Exhibition Schedule above.

Any exhibitor, who has not commenced exhibit construction/decoration one hour prior to event opening, is subject to removal by the ICNMD 2018 Secretariat at its own discretion. Moreover, the exhibitor is then liable to ICNMD 2018 for the agreed exhibit rental fee. The exhibitor is not entitled to damage claims.

The exhibitor and their affiliates are liable for any damage they cause to building, floors, walls, columns, and to standard exhibit equipment. Application of labels, tape, paint, lacquer, adhesives or other coatings to building columns, floors and walls or to standard exhibit equipment is strictly prohibited. Any damages made by an Exhibitor and/or their affiliates will require compensation for the cost of recovering any damaged facilities to the original state.

All exhibits must comply with all regulation established by the safety authorities. All materials used for decorating must be fire resistant. Cartons, boxes and crates may not be stored under tables, behind displays or in any part of the exhibit area. At the exhibitor's expense, empty crates, etc. will be picked-up, stored and returned to each exhibit space after the event. The ICNMD 2018 Secretariat, the Hilton Vienna am Stadtpark Hotel and/or local authorities can enforce an order of dismantling of booths and exhibits that have not been approved or do not follow the regulations.

All exhibitors with an exhibit space over 36 square meters are required to get approval on their booth layouts/designs from the ICNMD 2018 Secretariat in writing. The layout, with measurements and building material specifications, needs to be submitted in detailed drawings to the ICNMD 2018 Secretariat. If exhibit plans are revised after approval has been send, the revised plans need to be re-submitted for approval as soon as possible. Please allow enough time for exhibit construction approval.

Deadline for submission of booth layout: May 7

Maximum booth height restrictions are as follows:
Booths in Exhibit Hall 1 (Strauss-Bruckner) 2.5 m
Booths in Exhibit Hall 2 (Klimt 2+3) 4.0 m

The arrangement of displayed items or structures shall not disturb other booths or hinder passage of visitors. Displayed items should not create inconveniences to visitors and be kept at least 30 cm away from the exhibit space line. If exhibitors fail to conform to this rule, the ICNMD 2018 Secretariat may demand those items to be relocated. This restriction is designed to give an equal opportunity to every exhibitor in terms of space and visibility.

No one under the age of 16 years may be allowed in the exhibit area during move-in / out. During move-in/out, exhibit halls and loading dock areas are considered hazardous work areas. As such, there shall be absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages, no horseplay and in general, any and all unsafe conditions or activities are to be corrected promptly.

Any exhibit construction that requires the use of power tools must have the appropriate dust extraction equipment. All construction waste, including but not limited to, concrete, wood, grout, molding, flooring, etc., must be removed by the exhibitor. Failure to do so may result in additional costs billed to the exhibitor. Also, painting besides finishing is not allowed inside the hall (fire prevention safety rule). Due to electricity lines under the floor, exhibitors must be careful not to spill water or wash the floor with water.

Security & Safety (click to expand)

The Exhibit Halls will be locked during non-Exhibit hours. Note: Tables A to D will NOT be secured, as they are located outside the Exhibit Halls, please plan accordingly.

Although 24-hour security is provided in the Exhibit Halls, including during set-up, show and dismantling, the ultimate responsibility for displayed exhibits and equipment lies with the individual exhibitor. Exhibitors must secure, at their own expense, appropriate liability/loss insurance at all times. Individual booth security can be ordered through the Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel, please contact Christina Ardelt (+43 1 717 00 13414, Email).

Exhibitors will not be allowed to enter the Exhibit Halls during non-show hours without consent of the Congress Secretariat. ICNMD 2018 and its affiliates will not be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage to exhibitor supplies at all times. Exhibitors should take necessary safety measures prior to using dangerous equipment or parts during the show, in order to prevent accidents. Each exhibitor is responsible for the maintenance and safety of their equipment.

A Security team is on site 24/7. For both emergency and non-emergency situations, contact the hotel front desk team and dial +43 1 717 00 12205 or “12305” on any in-house phone. All Security associates are trained in First-aid, CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator. In the event a participant of the meeting requires any medical assistance, do also contact the front desk team and dial +43 1 717 00 12205 or 144. There are Automated External Defibrillators on site at the front desk. In case of a power outage, our building is equipped with an emergency generator for emergency lighting and power supply.

Parking (click to expand)

The Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel offers parking. Secured and covered parking, as well as in and out privileges are available. Please note that the hotel charges a EUR 34.90 fee for self-parking and a EUR 34.90 fee for valet parking. For more information, please visit http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/austria/hilton-vienna-VIEHITW/maps-directions/index.html.

In-Booth-Catering & Cleaning (click to expand)

The exclusive caterer for ICNMD 2018 is the Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel. It retains the exclusive right to provide and control all food and beverage services for any event held at the Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel, including catering and concession services, sale of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages, and to retain any revenues from these sales. It is not permissible for any food and beverage to be purchased or brought in from off-site and served in the facility, regardless of quantity. For more information on the In-Booth Catering Menus please contact Christina Ardelt (+43 1 717 00 13414, Email) at the Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel. Please note that prices offered by the hotel only apply for In-Booth Catering. Catering requirements for any other event taking place during the Congress have to be discussed with the Congress Secretariat.

The ICNMD 2018 Secretariat is responsible only for emptying baskets along the pathways and keeping the shared space clean. Booths must be cleaned of combustible rubbish daily. Housekeeping services are provided exclusively by Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel. Please contact Christina Ardelt directly (+43 1 717 00 13414, Email) to require any additional cleaning services.

Advertisements, Sales Activities and Presentations (click to expand)

The exhibitor agrees to confine all products/ service demonstrations and other sales activities to the limits of the contracted exhibit space and within the maximum height set. Distribution of any material is likewise limited to said-exhibit space confines. Exceptions may be given by the Secretariat prior to show opening in writing.

The use of games of chance, lottery devices, musical instruments and other sideshow practices is permitted only with written permission of the ICNMD 2018 Secretariat. The use of amplifiers, musical performances and any other sound generating equipment - even for advertising purposes - requires an advanced written approval as well. Noisy demonstrations may be restricted or prohibited after permission if such demonstrations are considered a disruption of the general order of the event. Please submit a Booth Entertainment Request, available here.

Flashlights and revolving light equipment are prohibited. Lights from one exhibit should not disturb or damage other booths.

The exhibitors are not allowed to carry items, signboards and brochures for recruitment purposes.

Giveaways (click to expand)

Giveaways should be educational in nature and must be pre-approved. As per the EACCME accreditation rules, exhibitors and sponsors cannot distribute gift items. This includes small items bearing the company’s name and/or logo.

Distribution of pre-approved educational material is limited to contracted exhibit space only. It is recommended to await approval from the Congress Secretariat prior to production and shipment of any Congress-related giveaways. Permission to hand out giveaways may be restricted or prohibited after permission if such giveaway is considered a disruption of the general order of the event. Please submit a Giveaway Request Form, available here.

Non-Smoking (click to expand)

The Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel is a 100% non-smoking hotel. A fee of up to 250 EUR will be assessed for smoking in a non-smoking room. Please ask the Front Desk for locations of designated outdoor smoking areas.

Move-out & Removal (click to expand)

Dismantling of exhibit construction and décor may only commence on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 16:00 (carry-out only) with regular move-out starting at 18:30. The ICNMD 2018 Secretariat reserves the right to charge the exhibitor a contract penalty fee if this clause is violated. The exhibit space has to be left in its original condition not later than outlined in the Exhibition Schedule.

The facility requests the full cooperation of exhibitors, their contractors, suppliers, staff and guests in ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Please note that in all cases without exception, children under the age of 16 are prohibited on the event floor during move-in and move-out. Scooters, in-line skates, bicycles, skateboards and similar items are not permitted for use inside the facility. Freight should be moved in and out through designated loading areas only – other facility entrances should not be used.

After the exhibition, when the subcontractors remove the furniture, exhibitors should pay attention not to leave behind any belonging in the drawers and the shelves. The ICNMD 2018 Secretariat does not take the responsibility for any damages and losses as a consequence. All of the participants must return the equipment and tools that may have been leased from the ICNMD 2018 Secretariat.


Conference Organizer Contact Information (click to expand)

Congress Manager
Petra Feistl: +43 664 9138055

Sponsorship & Exhibit Manager
Cali Vindeirinho: +33 69545 8085

Registration & Housing Manager
Jennifer Brock: +1 720 325-2944

Supplier Contact Information (click to expand)
Media-Plan General Services Contractor
Official Supplier
Alexandra Krakolinig
+43 1 536 63-47/ C +43 664 8110484
Mietmöbel Föhr GmbH Additional Booth Furniture
Official Supplier
Thomas Berlheim
+43 1 712 450
Official Supplier
Marcel Artner
+43 1 799 45 70 12
Hilton Vienna Am Stadtpark Hotel In-Booth Catering, Security, Telecommunications, Internet, Additional Electrical Power
Official Supplier
Christina Ardelt
+43 1 717 00 13414
IML – Messe-Logistik GmbH Customs Broker & Freight Services
Official Supplier
Wolfgang Unzeitig
+43 660 2647582
LeadU Lead Retrieval
Official Supplier
+43 1 266 2013

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