EFAS 2018 Scientific Program

The EFAS Annual Meeting 2018 will be held in conjunction with ICNMD2018.

Please see below for the meeting agenda:

I) Peripheral autonomic neuropathies

  • Diabetic autonomic neuropathy – R. Freeman (USA)
  • Hereditary autonomic neuropathies – M. Hilz (Germany)
  • Autonomic autoantibodies: What are they doing, which need to be assessed, how do we treat – TBD
  • ANS and Amyloid – I. Rocha (Portugal)

II) Neurodegeneration & ANS

  • PAF-MSA-Parkinson how to differentiate, how to confuse, similarities and specifics – G. Wenning (Austria)
  • Links from periphery to the brain – A. Fanciulli (Austria)
  • Sleep disorders & ANS – P. Cortelli (Italy)
  • Autonomic Dysfunction in Dementia – W. Struhal (Austria)

III) TLOC, Brain injury and ANS sequelae

  • Differential diagnosis – J.G. van Dijk (Netherlands)
  • Autonomic Dysfunction in epilepsy – R. Thijs (Netherlands)
  • Stroke and ANS – M. Hilz (Germany)
  • Syncopedia training a new generation of syncope specialist – J de Jong (Netherlands)

IV) Autonomic Nervous system and Fatigue Background and Management

  • Autonomic nervous system in simulated and real weightlessness – A. Pavy-Le Traon (France)
  • Prognostic autonomic biomarkers – J.M. Senard (France)
  • Fatigue in POTS patients suffering MS – M. Habek (Croatia)
  • Gastric dysfunction – H. Zoller (Austria)

(Updated January 9, 2018)

To see the full ICNMD2018 program, click here.

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